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Make your weekly
To do list

Dayoko will unlock your potential and take over your to-do list management.

Weekly To Do List

Create and edit tasks. Track your productivity and get a dose of motivation from your personal assistant.

Your life will change once you plan your first week.
We've used our experience to create a cute to-do list tool.

Finish your day with completed tasks and a smile.

Life is just To Do list board

Don't even try to keep everything in your head.
They press on us like a snowball rolling down a hill and
stop us from enjoying life.

  • What tasks do I still need to complete for work?
  • What tasks need to be completed for my project?
  • What events or places have you been wanting to visit?
  • What movies and books have you delayed for a later time?

Move it all out of your head into your To Do day manager.

Weakly to do list with tasks

Weakly To Do List app to unlock your potential

With Dayoko To Do day manager, you'll get more done, stay relaxed, stay motivated, and achieve your goals faster.

Create monthly to do list

Powerful workflow

When you use the right methods and workflows, working on tasks becomes fun. We have combined best practices and our experience to achieve this.


Your personal cheerleader, elevating your performance and much more.

Simple interface

We prioritize a user-friendly interface to boost productivity, as we are users of our own cute to do list app.


Dayoko is a Free monthly to do app

Ultimate Idea Hub

Store your ideas and thoughts in lists
and they will stay with you forever.

Dayoko works on any device, so your to-do lists are with you everywhere.

Our team is motivated by a single goal: crafting a truly convenient and modern to-do list service, driven by our own daily use of the platform. join us!

Dayoko weakly to do list tool

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Dayoko to do list app?

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Yes our service is completely free.

Create aesthetic to-do lists in less than 2 minutes. Just sign up and start creating your lists. And the best part? Fill them with tasks.

Using digital To Do lists is better than to do list notebook. They work on all your devices and have features to help you track progress, stay motivated, and keep things in check. They make it easier and faster to manage your weekly task list.

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