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Assistant tries to motivate you
Assistant tries to motivate you

Personal assistant

The assistant motivates you and improve your performance. Offers to move yesterday's tasks to today and much more. It was created to simplify your daily work with tasks.

All life in lists

Free your head. Just keep important things in lists. Create a list with your current project, a list of things you've wanted to do for a long time, movies you've wanted to watch for a long time.

Assistant tries to motivate you

Powerful work with tasks

We work with tasks every day, so we made working with them simple and interesting. And the functionality is rich and modern.

Simple and clean

If you work with todos every day, the simple interface is exactly what you need. Nothing distracts you from work, everything is in its place and helps you to be productive. We hate bad interfaces and spend a lot of effort to find the perfect one.

Assistant tries to motivate you

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