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Dayoko is a real peace of mind.
He will become your main assistant for planning important events

The secret tool for organized life

People who use a monthly calendar planner find their lives less hectic and more organized.
They don't have to remember all the birthdays, appointments, and events in their heads because the life calendar does it for them.

With our application, you will have more time and less stress, and life will become easier and more enjoyable.

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Powerful functionality

There is everything here that will help you keep control of every area of your life.


There is a personal assistant who will motivate you and help you accomplish everything planned.

Simple use

It is designed to be simple and convenient. A tool for every day should be exactly like this.


Our service is totally free.

Everything you need in one place

Dayoko is a set of services for those for whom it is important to have control over matters at work and in life. Plan your days with a daily planner and events with a life calendar. Set reminders to always achieve heights and be proud of yourself.

365 daily calendar: important part of the winners

Imagine two people: one uses a monthly calendar planner, and the other keeps everything in his head. The contrast in their daily lives is striking.
The first man looks calm and collected, always aware of their schedule. They rarely forget important dates or tasks, which significantly reduces stress levels and leads to improved overall health. Their relationships at work and with friends flourish because they are reliable and organized.

On the other hand, a person who relies solely on memory constantly forgets appointments, deadlines, and social obligations. This forgetfulness not only causes frustration but also negatively impacts their health due to increased stress and anxiety. They struggle to maintain healthy work relationships and often let friends and family down by missing important events or being late.

In today's fast-paced world, those who don't use digital calendar planner to plan events are essentially making their lives more difficult. By refusing to use this simple tool, they unnecessarily complicate their lives, both personally and professionally. Taking advantage of the convenience of a 365 daily calendar can lead to a smoother, more balanced, and less stressful life.

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It helps users prioritize tasks, set reminders, and manage time effectively, resulting in more efficient time management.

Yes, you can create recurring events for daily, weekly, monthly, or custom intervals, saving you time when scheduling repetitive tasks or meetings.

Yes, Dayoko is cloud-based and can be accessed from smartphones, tablets, and computers, ensuring you're always up to date.

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